About us

The ACER VOLTAGE Ltd. company was founded in 1992 in Hradec Kralove, originally called ACER. It is a purely Czech company which is engaged in the development and production of surge arresters and overvoltage limiters for the protection of LV and HV power distribution networks, and to protect various equipment against lightning and switching overvoltage faults. Furthemore, it also focuses on the production of composite insulators.Products of ACER VOLTAGE company protect their buyers' equipment from the devastating effects of surges.

The company has been functioned since 2006 under the name ACER HK Ltd., and at the end of 2014 it relocated to a new area, where it remains to this day. 

In 2016, the company renamed to its current name ACER VOLTAGE Ltd. that better reflects its focus and activities.
In the past, the company developed and manufactured ZnO varistors for surge arresters in the LV applications, and then another type of surge arresters made of these varistots. The first type was the surge arrester SP 0.440 / 10, which has been improved, and is now produced only in the SPB * / 10 design in various voltage levels depending on the type of installation. the production of ZnO varistors was abolished in 2006, and currently we use in surge arresters only varistors from external suppliers. Another significant part of our production program are polymeric arresters for both AC and DC 1-39 kV HV networks . They consist of an entire range of models, which is constantly expanding. In addition, it is possible to produce nonstandard types according to customer requirements and specifications. Details of current assortment of ACER VOLTAGE can be found in our catalogue or in our website. Recently the assortment of products has been expanded with gas-filled power arresters.

The Company is certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 norms, and regularly renews the certification's validity.

ACER VOLTAGE is a leading company supplying technology for power and automation industries enabling an increase in efficiency, while reducing the impact on the environment. ACER VOLTAGE products are delivered to 42 countries, and we are always at our customers' disposal. With our superior technology on a global scale, profound industry expertise, and knowledge of local markets we can offer our customers products, system solutions, and services that help improve the reliability of their transmission networks.

Thanks to focus on technology and our strengths in power and automation, we strive for organic growth. Our global manufacturing base ensures consistent products and systems of the highest quality, produced in the ACER VOLTAGE for customers worldwide. Our customers have easy access to a full range of products, either directly from us as the manufacturer, or from a network of distributors or wholesalers, which is constantly expanding. To ensure the quality of products, the company ACER VOLTAGE performs close inspections, and thorough tests on all products to make sure the products are 100% reliable. These procedure