Surge arrester PSPI */10

PSPI */10

line discharge class 1

indoor use

PSPI */10 - overvoltage limiters designed for internal use to protect high-voltage transmission systems, transformers, switching equipment and HV cable distribution systems and, in particular, cable heads of enclosed substations from the effects of atmospheric and switching overvoltage. The functional part of the limiters consists of a column of varistors sized for max. continuous operating voltage Uc. The outer insulating shell is made from silicon material (grey colour). The material of the shell shows high resistance to the effects of surface leakage currents and to electric arc, possesses hydrophobic properties and shows excellent resistance to weather effects, pollution and UV radiation. The cover caps, connecting screws, nuts and terminals are made of stainless steel. With their design and technical parameters, the overvoltage limiters of the PSPI series conform to the standards EN 60099-4: 2014 and IEC 60099-4: 2014.

Type PSPI 0,280/10 PSPI 0,440/10 PSPI 0,8/10 PSPI 1/10 PSPI 1,6/10
Max. continuous operating voltage Uc 0,28 kV 0,44 kV 0,8 kV 1 kV 1,6 kV
Nominal voltage Ur 0,33 kV 0,55 kV 1 kV 1,25 kV 2 kV
Nominal discharge current In 10 kA
Max. discharge current (8/20) Imax 40 kA
Long current impulse (2 ms) 300 A
Discharge class acc. to EN 60099‑4 1
Residual voltage at In Ures ≤ 1,25 kV ≤ 1,8 kV ≤ 3,3 kV ≤ 3,6 kV ≤ 5,5 kV
Height h 65 mm 67 mm 69 mm 73 mm 75 mm
Operating temperature range ‑ 40 °C ÷ + 55   °C
Protection type IP62
Weight m 425 g 445 g 470 g 490 g 520 g
Article number 92999 93000 93001 93002 93003

Note: The height and weight are indicative only and may vary. We can send accurate data on your request.

Application possibilities

Protection against atmospheric and switching surges for indoor applications to protect high voltage grids, transformers, switchgear, high voltage cabling and especially V.H.V cable terminations in encapsulated substations.


• Long protective distance

• High absorption capacity
• Stable U-I characteristics even after repeated discharges
• Resistance to ageing
• Design resistant to explosion and bursting
• Resistance to pollution and UV radiation
• Resistance of the shell to rough handling
• Maintenance-free design
• Resistance to shocks and vibrations
• High mechanical resistance

Transport and storage

The overvoltage limiters may not be exposed to strong shocks and impacts during transport. They should be stored in the long term in an indoor store.


No testing of the function or maintenance such as cleaning is necessary during the anticipated life of the limiter.